HAAD Registration

The primary stage in registration for the HAAD exam is to figure out whether your professional qualification is up to the standard required by the Health Authority, this process is known as Professional Qualification Requirement (PQR) Assessment.

You can download the exact requirements for each profession and specialty here:

How do I register for HAAD?
Pearson VUE - HAAD Exam Registration

For more information about click on the following link to learn more about HAAD Requirements. If you do not have these qualification, you will need to stop here as HAAD will not accept your application. If you are suitably qualified, follow the steps below.
  1. Visit the HAAD registration site
  2. Log In or register with a user name and password
  3. Click on “E-Licensing” and select Examination
  4. Click on “Exam Scheduling”
  5. Select which date and location suits you best
  6. Enter your application number and click on search
  7. Click on BOOK button
  8. Pay Exam Fees and Print your Exam Ticket (Credit Card or Cash at HAAD Customer Service Counter)
  9. Once you have taken the HAAD exam you will be notified of your score immediately.
You may see reference to the "old" and "new" system, this is irrelevant if you are newly registering.

Last modified: Sunday, 21 July 2013, 07:54 AM