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All of our questions inside our course are tailored to the HAAD exam, just click the course you would like to sign up to.
The two exams are very similar however, there are some difference you will need to know. In general, the HAAD is a little bit easier as the questions are a lot more straightforward, however, there are some nuance which we teach you inside our subscriber courses.
You need to know a little bit more about the different exams. 3 different Health Ministries functioning in UAE, 1) MOH which is Ministry of Health passing the MOH you are allowed to work in 5 emirates but not in Dubai or Abudhabi. 2) DHA - Dubai Health Authority (previously known as DHA MS - Department of Health and Medical Services) DHA registration is required for working in Dubai. 3) GAH, which is General Authority of Health Exam or usually know as MOH/Abu Dhabi.
This again is dictated by the DHA, the details update every year however to first understand what is required you first need to know what they mean by "experience". In this context experience means: Hands on clinical experience gained by a licensed healthcare professional during a salaried employment/contractual period and it excludes volunteer jobs, observership, or clinical attachment. The requirements for experience are set out in the Healthcare professionals Qualification Requirements (PQR) document which can been fourn on the haad.ae website.
This is all set out in our syllabus. However, in general Adverse Drug Reactions, Arab culture Page, Biochemistry, Chemotherapy, Chronic Diseases, Humans body systems, Infectious disease, Phlebotomy, Pathophysiology, Toxicology, Women's Rights in Saudi Arabia, UAE medical law and Arabic law.
Yes we do, our lead tutor is Professor Duncan. Once subscribed you will get direct email access to him.
We guarantee you will pass the HAAD exam using our resources, for more infirmation have a look at our guarantee page.
Yes you can, we use an advanced algoritm to help you track your progress, identify where and weaknesses lie and offer support in these areas.
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