What do you need to know?

The HAAD Exam syllabus is quite broad and encompasses the general information you need to know whilst practising under the Authority.

Nurse HAAD Exam Syllabus

1. Management of Nursing Care 

  • Promotes patient optimum health and wellbeing 
  • Promotes an environment that maximizes patient safety 
  • Promotes patient physiological and psychological integrity

2. Professional and Ethical Practice 

  • Demonstrates professional behaviour when working with people 
  • Upholds and contributes to the maintenance of professional nursing standards 
  • Actively contributes to collaborative working relationships with members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team

3. Professional Development 

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the development of self 
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the development of others 
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the development of the profession

4. Clinical competence:

  • Geriatric medicine, most notably diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts, Alzheimer's and dementia.
  • First Aid and CPR 
  • Clinical Application of Laboratory Tests 
  • Pain Management 
  • Cardiac Dysrhythmias: Interpretation, Treatment, and Nursing Management 
  • Drugs of Abuse and Mental Health 
  • Issues Clinical Application of: 
    • Pharmacological Concepts Nursing 
    • Management of Human Resources 
    • Trauma/Critical Care Nursing 
    • Women's Health Issues 
    • Computing and Nursing Informatics 
    • Ethical Challenges in Health Care 
    • Informatics 
    • Dying and Death 
    • Emergency Care and Safety

Pharmacist HAAD Exam Syllabus

1. Professional and Ethical Practice Self-management 

  • Commitment to Quality 
  • Fulfils their legal and regulatory obligations as a Pharmacist and employer 
  • Demonstrate ongoing learning

2. Dispensing medicines 

  • Manage the dispensing process
  • Adheres to legal and ethical requirements of UAE prescriptions
  • Promote and contribute to the optimal use of medicines 
  • Communicate effectively Provide clinical and pharmaceutical services 
  • Provide medicines and health information and education

3. Manage work issues and relationships 

  • Manage work 
  • Manage problems 
  • Communicate effectively in the workplace 
  • Work effectively with others

4. Clinical competence

  • Clinical governance 
  • Continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Health and safety 
  • Prescribing guidelines 
  • Code of ethics 
  • Environmental protection 
  • Consumer and Data protection 
  • Evidence-based practice 
  • Action and uses of drugs 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Responding to adverse drug reactions 
  • Triage 
  • Adverse effects of medicines 
  • Drug interactions 
  • Counselling requirements 
  • Optimising patients' drug therapy 
  • Health promotion and disease prevention 
  • Pharmaceutical Calculations

How do we teach these subjects on HAADExam.com?

Simple, we use only the best resources created by licensed HAAD healthcare professionals in combination with excellent tutor support. Have a look at one of our many interactive online lectures below...

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